LaVita is an ambitious project that aims to redefine success and happiness in today’s society. The 9-5 work week has become the reality for most people, where growth is linear and limited. It’s a comfortable lifestyle, yet so many of us are dissatisfied with the predictable trajectory of this life. Success is defined by hyperproductivity and working extended hours to achieve career goals that are not necessarily aligned with personal goals. The common notion is that money and status will eventually bring happiness.

However, at LaVita we believe that every individual’s happiness is uniquely their own. It’s not a cookie-cutter path that anyone else can give you the blueprint to. With all the distractions of our hyperproductive society, it has become difficult to achieve a healthy work-life balance and find the time to pursue our passions. We are living to work, not working to live.


Life is about making choices and therefore LaVita offers an alternative lifestyle for those who are ready for a change. The concept of this project is rooted in basic psychology, illustrated through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

LaVita offers stable remote employment, accommodations, and a network of mentors to help accelerate their personal growth journey. We aim to alleviate the stress of balancing work, life, and health by taking care of the lower level needs. When people are at their best physically, mentally and emotionally, productivity levels and motivation will naturally improve. Ultimately, LaVita is a project to foster a community of like-minded individuals who have the desire to explore new opportunities and prioritize self development.


The LaVita project is in its infancy stages. After years of planning, we have our first explorers on the ground and we are looking to grow our first pod in Cancun, Mexico. The vision for LaVita is to build a global community with pods all over the world. We want to build the largest network of people who prioritize their well-being and self-improvement. 

We are looking to hire a team of skilled remote workers who are ready to provide the best service for our clients. LaVita already has global clients in a wide range of industries, so we hope to provide our members with career development in their area of interest. The goal is to establish ourselves as high-quality and credible service providers .

As the project grows, so will our people. Our intention is to create jobs within LaVita that fit the personal goals and interests of each of our members. For those who are looking for leadership experience, there will be opportunities to lead a team of newer participants. For those who are more entrepreneurial minded, we want to give the option of being able to use our resources to build a new business. 

Ultimately, LaVita is a project in creating new possibilities where people are valued over profit. The project is a constantly evolving concept and we are always open to new ideas and feedback!

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