Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! LaVita is a unique program that seeks to match qualified applicants to a suitable job based on skill level and interest. One of the main concepts of LaVita is providing each member with the opportunity of career development, so you will be given steady full-time work.

Nope! LaVita has a variety of accommodation options. Each member will have a private bedroom and ensuite bathroom, with shared common space like the kitchen, living room and outdoor living space.

No, LaVita takes care of relocation costs for each of its members on a needs basis.

Yes! Your time is valuable to us and we want to provide each of our members with compensation to cover your cost of living and maintain a quality standard of life.

Absolutely, that’s the purpose of LaVita! We want to provide the tools to empower each of our members to grow to their full potential, whether it be personally or professionally. Most members start as a virtual assistant in their field of interest, but we want to create  and we are open minded to the goals of each member and create new roles that fit these needs.

At the moment, we are looking to onboard participants who are willing to relocate and take on remote work. In the future, there may be opportunities to get involved in the project without relocating. Stay tuned and support us by following our journey on social media!

Yes, we are looking to grow the number of pods in our LaVita community! Mexico happens to be our first destination and we don’t plan it being our last. Based on the progression of our project we hope to move to go to Central America next, and eventually to Europe and Asia!


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